Dierrepi Consulting faces the matter of a credit necessity from societies with a particular criterion, on the basis of the awareness that each request represents a specific demand, which is almost never possible to generalize.

The financial operations that we take care of are usually included among the following ones:

The requests that are taken into consideration are those that start at minimum US $ 5 millions.

How we operate


Management consulting activity

To the client that demostrates his difficulties, we explain the substantial difference between Italian (and European) sources of credit and those of markets of the US, offshore or of other jurisdictions. Then, we illustrate to the client the criteria of normal possibility of accessing an international credit that might be interesting for the client’s needs.

When the claimant has fully understood and shared these criteria, judging them interesting and useful for his own situation, he is invited to produce a minimum level of documentation that permits us to evaluate the possibility to proceed with the practice.

Within 48 hours, a report of the first rough evaluation is transmitted to the claimant, in which there shall be the positive and negative aspects that appear from the documentation and, should he go on, the client is invited to subscribe a “special mandate” that will permit to our office to begin with the job.

In the special mandate are all the conditions of development of the deed and the procedure costs.

Once the documentation from the client is received, it will be analysed by our professionals and the client is informed about how the documents have to be edited (in English). In order to do this, the client might address to his own trusted professionals.


Assistance activity

It often happens that the client is not ready to supply the truly useful documentation. One should remember the fundamental difference between the Italian (or European) bank system (and the credit one in general) and the American one or that of offshore financial companies. Very often the client has the tendency to prepare a lot of useless documents.

It should not be forgotten that the documentation must be prepared in English. Not always is the client in contact with professionals that have the necessary knowledge or competence.

Should this be the case, we can address the client to a trusted professional office, which operates with highly qualified personnel, both Italian and English speaking. This way, it is possible to reduce the preparation periods of the necessary documentation, other than having the sureness that all that is prepared is done following the criteria required by the Financial Companies.

Obviously, given the experts’ specific preparation, it is possible to obtain a notable cost reduction.

The executive summary will remain of propriety of the client.

At this point, our office will contact the broker society of reference, to whom it will give the client’s documentation.

Innovative method

The Broker society of reference acts with a truly innovative criterion. It transfers the data sent by our office to more than 300 Financial Companies, to whom it is connected through e-mail, floppy disk or written file.

During this first phase, it is taken into account the necessary privacy and for this reason, the companies receive only the summaries of the requests, together with the study done by the experts.

A reply about the possibility whether to go on with the operation is usually given in a reasonably short time (ussually 8 to working days).

Among the Companies that declared themselves available, it shall be identified the one that is right compared to the exigencies of the client, who will be quickly informed about the answer.

From that moment on, the client will have to prepare all the necessary documentation.


We want to make clear that, with the expression “Financial Companies”, we mean bank institutions, merchant banks, financial companies, either public or private, either territorial or offshore, as well as private lenders. Sometimes we avail ourselves of other brokers, in order not to leave any possibility for a positive result in favour of the client unattended.