A funding can be obtained when the claimant can demonstrate at least two of the following points:

A funding is normally granted for a period of 1 to 10 years. This period might be shortened or stretched on the basis of evaluations and criteria that depend on the peculiarity of each Financial company in relation to the request specificity.

The reimbursement of the funding and of the interests is usually every three, six or twelve months, or integrally at the end of the period. Also this may change depending on the characteristics of the granted credit and of the Financial Company.

The applied interests are usually LIBOR +1 ±.5% in relation to the quality of the client, the characteristics of the project, the guarantees offered on the credit risk.

(LIBOR is a bank interest determined in London and variable depending on the values)




The claimant present a written request to Dierrepi Consulting with a synthetic explanation of the project, its motivations and the amount needed.

Dierrepi Consulting examines the request without charging anything and expresses a written opinion, illustrating the positive and negative elements that are been drawn by studying of documentation. If the claimant agrees with the rough analysis received and intends on proceeding, he confers to Dierrepi Consulting a SPECIAL MANDATE, giving it the task to find a Financial Company. This is the moment when the mandate relationships starts, and this must be intended for valuable consideration.

Commission costs are clearly indicated in the mandate.
In the eventuality that Dierrepi Consulting should not be able to find a Financial Company to declare that it is possible to proceed with the request, the amounts eventually cashed as preventive expenses will be totally reimbursed.

As soon as Dierrepi Consulting receives, directly or through one of its referring Company, a declaration that states that it is possible to proceed, the claimant is invited to sign the request on the basis of the Financial Company forms.

The declaration stating that it is possible to proceed is the document through which one of the consulted Financial Companies declares to be ready to proceed with the practice, because it believes that the project can be financed, after having read the report sent by Dierrepi Consulting.

Attention. The declaration stating the possibility to proceed mustn’t be confused with the Commitment, which is the document sent by the Financial Company after having read and analysed the summary executive given by the claimant with the assistance of Dierrepi Consulting.

As soon as the funding request is been directly subscribed, then the operational phase of the procedure starts.

In a few days the claimant will receive a Commitment from the Financial Company, together with the list of the documentation required and necessary to complete the due diligence.

The documents usually required are:

After having received the required documentation, completely translated in English, the Financial Company, directly or together with Dierrepi Consulting, shall verify the information supplied by the claimant, also with visit on the working area.



From the moment when the Financial Company issues its own Commitment, everything depends from the rapidity with which the claimant carries out the prerequisite of the documentation, or other, asked by the Financial Company. The whole procedure could last from a few weeks to two or three months.