"Three-Kay Trading & Consulting Ltd"
(Established Nov. 18th, 2000)

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Panamanian Foundations
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Turks & Caicos Islands Exempt Corporations
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Anonymous North European Bank Debit Card
Pseudo-Anonymous Accounts at a Reliable Central American Bank
Highly Confidential International Bank A/C
Secured Mastercard / Eurocard Credit Card
Numbered Account" Secured Mastercard/Eurocard Credit Card e
The Offshore Manual & Directory
U.S. Financial Institutions for Sale!
Special Illustrated Report
License Plates for Tax-Free Cars

Dierrepi Consulting is an international law and investment consulting firm, specializing in international law, immigration and tax law.

We specialize in private, confidential international consultations, helping clients take advantage of the unique services available in various foreign countries. We also offer a large selection of books and reports on these topics.

We accept International Money Transfers via Western Union
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Malta  is well placed to offer a complete e-commerce package to anyone wishing to set up shop on the Island.
. >>More

A potential goldmine for smart investors, going overseas allows you to legally avoid taxation. Please submit at once!
. >>Form

Secure Asset Client Control
 Investment Program

Through an arrangement with a leading International Trust and Corporate Service Provider, GMC can offer you an effective means to protect your assets while still allowing the control required to direct the course of investments. >>More

Offshore Merchant Status
In conjunction with a Major Northern European Provider, our company is very pleased to offer full merchant  account facilities to traders from anywhere in the world!  >>More

Ready-made Companies
Some of our clients need desperately a "ready-made" company in order to
proceed at once with some business venture they have in mind!  We have 20 such companies ready to GO!!  >>More
Offshore Companies
Learn about all our opportunities for offshore incorporations. We have over 30 jurisdictions currently available! >>More
U.S. Financial Institutions for Sale
All were incorporated in the United States of America (in one of the most "liberal" States which serves as the corporate venue of many Fortune-500 Corporations).

Bank Account in Cyprus 

Major International Bank. >>More

Highly Confidential 
International Bank Accounts

Bank A/Cs in New York City, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Cook Islands. Major International Banks. >>More

Anonymous North European 
Bank Debit Card

-Set up a bank account quickly!  >>More

Pseudo-Anonymous Accounts at a
Reliable Central American Bank
Obtain anonymous bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards!  >>More
Offshore Banking Licenses
IIn the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, British West Indies, Dominica, Antigua, Nauru, Vanuatu, W. Samoa, Bahamas. >>More
U.S. "Jumbo" Corporations For Sale
Each Jumbo Corporation Package comes complete with everything you need from Certified Certificate of Incorporation by the State to Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) to a US Bank Account, and more. >>More

KreditAnstalt etc For Sale

"Kreditanstalt," and "Spar & Darlehenskassse" U.S. Corporations (in some of the more "liberal" States), with an Authorised Capital of $500 Million. >>More

Nominee Structures
The structure provides a high level of credibliity and is one of the most exciting Tax Planning opportunities currently available. This structure is sometimes known as the "fiduciary" or "agency" structure. >>More
Cyprus, Liberian, British Virgin Islands, Bahamian, US Corporation Packages at extremely low prices! Also Panamanian Corporations, Panamanian Trusts and Panamanian Foundations. (all inclusive) >>More


Our firm is able to provide to its clients worldwide Personal & Corporate Bank A/Cs in the following jurisdictions: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Denmark, Gibraltar, Guernsey (Channel Islands), Ireland, Malta, Romania, Vanuatu (South Pacific), United States of America. Some A/Cs come with Credit/Debit Card and Check Books.>>More