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The Bermuda Stock Exchange

A listing on a recognized stock exchange is widely regarded as a prestigious advantage to any company and adds significant marketability to its securities. Since October, 1996 this western hemisphere, tax-neutral offshore jurisdiction has been recognized by the SEC as a designated offshore securities market under Regulation S.

It now has a market capitalization of over $150 Billion, an investment fund industry of over 1,000 funds and more than 10,000 international companies and partnerships. Among its Trading Members are E*Trade Global Limited.

More than 70 of the Fortune 500 companies maintain a presence, as do approximately 50% of the companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK).

Recognized by nearly all international banks, many companies use this exchange to complete their Mezzanine round of funding.

For example, in August, 2000 an independent hedge fund received over $42 Million in equity by a private placement led by JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, and Credit Swiss First Boston.

Your listing will give your company full exposure on Bloomberg, Reuters, and Bridge/Tolerate.

The Madera Group Inc., can now guide your company, unit trust, mutual fund, or newly created bank, into a listing on this tax neutral offshore stock exchange for an extremely affordable price in the time-frame of about 1 (one) month!

Advantages of Listing:

  • Your company does not have to have any minimum track record, market capitalization, free float or profitability in order to qualify for a full public listing. 
  • Your company will receive a full primary listing, and be allowed to sell stock in a "restricted market", one which restricts the issue and the selling of securities to "qualified investors" (including investments of exceeding just $100,000 by "sophisticated investors"), far less stringent than the SEC's income or net worth requirement for Qualified Investors. This is an exciting opportunity especially for a start-up or a specialist company not ready to make an IPO to retail investors 
  • Your listing will enable you to appear to be "on the move", attracting Venture Capitalists and other funding that wouldn't invest in an "unlisted company" 
  • Your company will have access to institutional investors which you ordinarily couldn't reach 
  • Your company will have access to European and Asian investors who ordinarily would not invest in American Corporations (they usually limit themselves to only 10% of their portfolio if a Company is not listed) 
  • Your company will be subject to light but effective exchange regulations, unlike those of the SEC. This Exchange is based upon full disclosure, rather than harsh regulations to protect the sophisticated, qualified investor 
  • Your company can obtain a full listing in a quick time-frame, generally in 1 (one) month 
  • Your company will get groomed for an IPO, by working with Big 5 Accounting and other related professionals so that you are prepared for the liquid public market 
  • Your company can IPO right there on the Exchange, if you so choose 
  • Your company's full listing will be in an extremely visible western hemisphere tax neutral offshore jurisdiction

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