Your Own Grenada Bank

The most aromatic destination in the Caribbean, also recognized for its spectacular terrain and extraordinary beauty, Grenada, 90 miles north of Trinidad, is known as the Island of Spice. Everything grows on the island, which is the largest producer of spice in the Western Hemisphere. Acre upon acre of its lush hillsides are devoted to crops of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove ginger and cocoa.

St. George's, its capital, is among the most picturesque of all Caribbean cities. The town, rising high above the busy harbor in a tiered tapestry of bright red rooftops is a perennial favorite with photographers, a classic corner of the Caribbean often seen in magazines and newspapers.

Inclined to explore? The town is sure to please with its impressive churches, the National Museum, Botanical and Bay Gardens, and a busy market square (with its always-aromatic spice vendor stalls, the handicrafts cooperative and some small but good art galleries.

Head out of town to the Concord Falls, towering in the mountains, Grand Etang Lake in a wide volcanic crater and the spice factories (many of which offer guided tours) at Gouave. Stop for a scenic lunch break at one of Grenada's charming hillside hotels, many of which are known for producing excellent local cuisine. Later, return to one of the fine resorts on magnificent Grand Anse -- or another of Grenada's great beaches. Take a dip, enjoy the low key water sports or a nap in the warm, spice-scented shelter of a shade tree. Though essentially simple and unspoiled, Grenada is the essence of gracious living.


  • Charter Type: Class I 
  • Offshore Bank Charter (may not conduct business with the citizens of Grenada). 
  • Name: At your discretion 
  • Liabilities: None 
  • License Fee: -included- 
  • Legal Fees: -included- 

    Also includes 
  • selection of administrative directors, resident managers, necessary employees, and offices (in place at start-up, you may change them): 
  • Documents Received: 
  • Banking License 
  • Articles of Association 
  • Memorandum of Association 
  • Share Certificates 
  • Time Frame for Acquisition: 4-6 Weeks* 
    (*approx.- from full document submission for application)

*Posted Capital is accepted at the time of the issuance of the bank license. These funds are generally posted as a bond, with all interest accrued to the host country.

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