Your Own Offshore Vanuatu Bank

Vanuatu is located half-way between Australia and Hawaii. Visiting Vanuatu is a rare experience. It is discovering the untouched paradise of the South Pacific. It is made up of 83 islands formed in a Y-shaped archipelago which stretches over some 800 miles of the Pacific Ocean. Vanuatu means "the land that has always existed". Vanuatu has rich lush tropical rainforests, volcanoes, sparkling blue lagoons, turquoise blue oceans, cascading waterfalls and beaches that range from silky white to volcanic black. Surrounding the land is a magic sea of aqua and dark blues with a fascinating underwater world of colorful tropical fish that live amongst magnificent coral reef formations. The capital, Port Vila, boasts one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world. The town offers excellent restaurants, duty free shopping, and a colorful local market.

Sometimes called the "timeless islands", Vanuatu is a land that is never raced, never hurried. It's a gentle, peaceful place where the people and visitors alike can simply take the time to enjoy. Vanuatu is a long-established offshore banking center, with over 60 banks either incorporated or registered. We can provide comprehensive advice including:

  • Offshore bank formation and management
  • International company formation 
  • Trust formation and trustee services 
  • Captive insurance company formation and management 
  • Funds management 
  • Accounting, audit and consulting services 
  • Local investment advice


Charter Type: B Offshore Bank Charter (May not conduct business with the citizens of Vanuatu).

  • Name: At your discretion 
  • Liabilities: None 
  • Paid in Capital: min. USD $150,000* 
  • Posted Capital: -none- 
  • License Fee: -included-
     Also includes 
    the selection of administration directors, 
    resident managers, necessary employees, and offices 
    (in place at start-up) you may change them. 

    -Also Included-  
  • Documents Received: 
  • Banking License 
  • Articles of Association 
  • Memorandum of Association 
  • Share Certificates 

    Time Frame for Acquisition: 1-3 months*
     (*approx-from full documentation for application).

*Paid in Capital Funds must be shown at the time of the bank application, but are not deposited. They may be kept by you overseas, earning income. Vanuatu's extensive confidentiality laws are designed so your private transactions do not become public, but the local host country will need full disclosure about yourself if they are going to issue a you a bank license.


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