Your Own US Limited Liability Company (LLC) 



One of the most well-kept SECRETS of the Offshore World is the U.S. Limited Liability Company (LLC)!

All fifty (50) U.S. States offer this incredible corporate vehicle to remain ANONYMOUS and TAX-FREE on your WORLD-WIDE INCOME!

Within 2-3 weeks you can have your own American Company (including the Bank A/C with an International Bank offering AND Internet Banking etc - on top of other regular services i.e. ATM Debit Card, faxed Wire instructions etc) and (including the Bank A/C with a U.S. Bank offering Internet Banking, Credit Card etc)!

Your income taxes can be eliminated!

You can do business all over the world!

All 50 U.S. States are available (including Wyoming, California, Nevada, New Jersey, Florida, Washington DC, Delaware, New York etc)!

All offices of the LLC (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Member, Manager) may be held by one SINGLE person (either individual or body corporate)!

You can transfer all your assets to your U.S. LLC and protect them and remain ANONYMOUS! If someone wants to sue you and does an asset search, they won't find anything - legally and ethically, because ownership has been transferred to your American LLC! Avoid lawsuits and protect yourself!! (Remember, a LLC is like a separate entity! A third person! And you are protected by a "corporate veil")!

There are no capital requirements!

Note: The only considerations are that your LLC is conducting business OUTSIDE the U.S. and that the Manager/Member are NOT U.S. Citizens or U.S. Residents!

Note: In order to remain COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS we can also incorporate for you a PANAMANIAN CORPORATION which would act as the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Member, Manager of your American LLC! By using this Nominee Service you remain COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS.


Do you want a Merchant Account too? We can set-up such a facility for you in order for your American LLC to accept payments via credit cards (Master, Visa, AMEX, Diners etc)! This is the perfect combination for your on-line venture! Merchants/Online Retailers from ANY COUNTRY are ACCEPTABLE!


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