Anonymous North European Bank Debit Card

You need a bank account quickly, without references or ID


The new North European bearer debit card...

This service had been offered for years at high prices by private offshore Consultants, but now we have made special arrangements with a North European banking facilitator to assist our clients.

This is a Cirrus ATM Card (works worldwide in all Mastercard cash machines) with no name on it, just a card number.  It is designed for use in ATMs only, so it can not be used in merchants.

It can be opened in 7 days (often much less).

Procedure: The procedure is almost unbelievably simple.

1. Place your order with us and pay the set-up fee.  We need an address for DHL courier delivery.  If you wish you can give us the address of a convenient
DHL office (see
) and it will be sent "hold for pickup.

2. Within approximately 7 to 14 days of cleared payment, the card and PIN code, together with wire transfer deposit instructions, will be sent to you directly by this Northern European Bank by DHL courier.

3.  When you have received the card you must acknowledge it to activate the account - then you are free to deposit funds into the account in order to allow a credit balance for withdrawals.

FAQ on the Bearer ATM Card: 

How can I replenish the card account?

Simply wire funds to the account quoting any name you wish.  It is best to quote the account number in both the "name of beneficiary" and "account number" boxes on your wire transfer request.  It is also possible to pay in checks and money orders, but this is rather expensive (2.95% plus $50) and also slow.  So it is much better to send SWIFT transfers.

How long is the card valid for?

One year.  A renewal card will be issued upon payment of a nominal account fee plus courier costs.  The account can continue indefinitely.

What if the card is lost, destroyed or demagnetized?

A new card can be issued on payment of a $10 fee plus courier costs.

Is there a daily withdrawal limit?

There is absolutely no daily withdrawal limit.  Certain ATM networks may impose maximum transaction values of their own, but there are none fixed by the card issuer.  So you can carry out as many transactions per day as you need to withdraw as much cash as you wish, at as many ATMs as you wish!  As long as you have money in your account, you have unlimited access to it.

Is there a charge for using the account?

All ATM withdrawals are subject to 1.5% fee imposed by the issuing bank.  ATM networks in some countries (mainly the USA) also impose their own fees which should be displayed on the ATM.  In most countries, however, the 1.5% fee covers everything.  

Are Internet banking and SWIFT transfers available?

No, this is solely an ATM account.  Once you have deposited funds, the only way you can withdraw them is by ATM. 

Are account statements issued?

No. not routinely.  You can however request a statement to be sent to the account address at any time, for a fee of $5.  You can also check the balance over the telephone directly (English spoken).