Seasoned U.S. Financial Institutions for Sale!

Standard Packages

All Financial Institutions were incorporated in the U.S.A. (in one of the most "liberal" States which serves as the corporate venue of many "Fortune-500" Corporations) between February 1999 and January 2000!

All above financial institutions have an Authorized Capital of USD$ 500 Million.

All above financial institutions have never traded and there are no liabilities of any kind.

All above financial institutions come with the following:
Certified Certificate of Incorporation
Certified Articles of Association
Deluxe gold-embossed Corporate Kit with Share Certificates, Corporate Seal, Articles, etc.
US Resident Agent
Mailing Address in the USA (Street Address, Postal Box, Telephone Answering Service in the Name of the financial institution, Fax Service, etc) all FREE for one (1) year
Bank A/C in the USA with one of the biggest US Banks (with Gold Visa Card etc. in the name of the US Financial Institution)

All above financial institutions may legally allow you to do the following:
Use this Corporate Entity as one of your prestigious shareholders
Impress your business partners
Secure an impressive and prestigious presence in the United States of America
Setup Branches and Representative Offices all over the world
Set-up Your Own Banking Instruments (bonds, securities etc.)
Cash Cheques and Money Orders


The legal transfer can be effected within 10 days after receiving your order (via international courier service at no extra cost to you).

Corporate Shell ONLY
If you want to buy this corporate entity WITHOUT a US Address, Personalized Telephone Number, Fax Number, Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) and US financial institution A/C, you can buy a Corporate Shell and NOTHING MORE!





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