The Ideal Offshore Bank Account

Bank in Complete Confidentiality

Now you can bank in complete confidentiality by having your own offshore private or corporate bank account with a bank in Cyprus. In Cyprus, tax advantageous offshore activities are flourishing and continually increasing. The attitude of the Government to tax advantageous shipping and offshore operations is a positive and encouraging one. There is, within the foreseeable future, no probability of a change of this policy. On the contrary, additional incentives are now and then introduced. Cyprus may be considered as the ideal tax haven jurisdiction for offshore activities worldwide.

We can open an offshore bank account for you - denominated in any currency you want - within 30-45 days at a cost of USD $600 in advance, with any prime bank (either domestic or any offshore banking unit) in Cyprus. As you perhaps already know, almost all major banks worldwide are being represented in Cyprus - by establishing and operating the so-called Offshore Banking Units (OBUs) - which are being supervised by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

Our firm is in a position due to its excellent relationships with almost any bank in Cyprus to introduce qualified individuals and corporations to setting-up bank accounts denominated in every major currency. These accounts may be private (for individuals) or corporate (for companies).

What do we need from you?

Please submit the following:
For the Offshore Bank Account, USD $600.

Upon receipt of funds we will immediately send you the necessary forms to fill in order
to proceed immediately with the opening of the account. We accept banker's drafts, cashier's checks, personal checks, and credit cards (Amex, Visa, Master and Diners).

Thanks and best regards,
Dierrepi Consulting