Completely Anonymous 
Czech Republic Savings Passbook

We can now offer a COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS CZECH REPUBLIC SAVINGS PASSBOOK, that has all the advantages of the Austrian Sparbuch, but, on top of that:

Can be managed via the fax (for wire transfers!)
The accounts could be opened in USD, EUR, CHF, GBP,CZK
The fixed-term accounts could be arranged, that bear market - competitive rates.

Those accounts are opened with one of the biggest Credit Unions (which are the equivalent of a State/Savings Bank) in the Czech Republic. Funds held with these Credit Unions are fully insured by the Czech Republic State.

Currently, we are the ONLY company, that sells these accounts.

They can be ordered at following prices:

1 account - USD$900

2 accounts - USD$1600

5 accounts - USD$3500

10 accounts - USD$5000

Delivery time up to two (2) weeks after you place your order.

What do we need from you?

We need nothing from you. ONLY OUR FEES!

Thanks and best regards,
Dierrepi Consulting