Highly Confidential International Bank A/Cs 

Dierrepi Consultinghave an established record of business achievement and an in depth knowledge of the banking industry.  

In particular, we have developed a unique relationship with two (2) leading
US Banks (in New York City), two (2) Swiss Banks, one (1) Netherlands Bank, one (1) Hong Kong Bank, one (1) Cook Islands Bank which enables us to exclusively market a range of high quality banking products.

By special arrangement with our banking partners we are able to introduce you to an exceptional range of confidential bank account services.

The INTERNATIONAL ACTIVE ASSETS ACCOUNT can REPLACE separate checking, savings, credit card, brokerage and loan accounts with the convenience and control of a centralised financial management account.

The INTERNATIONAL ACTIVE ASSETS ACCOUNT offers you many of the benefits and features offered by other institutions ALL IN ONE ACCOUNT!

Confidential Bank Account
Savings Account
Certificates of Deposit
Checking Account
Money Market Account
Credit Card
Full Internet Banking
Personal Tailor-Made Banking
Full Offshore Tax Advantages

How To Apply

We will need from you our introduction fee ($1.100), your full particulars (name, surname, address, tel/fax/e-mail) and a photocopy of any identification documentation.

Business applications must also be supported by the following (photocopies): Certificate of incorporation, articles, letter of company resolution to open an offshore bank account. Also each director must also provide a photocopy of personal identification documentation.

How long does it take to open such an account?

Approximately 21 working days.

How much do I need to activate my account?

There is no minimum activating deposit!

Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason, your application was not successful, any money paid to Dierrepi Consulting, i.e. our $1.100 Introduction Fee would be IMMEDIATELY returned!

Thanks and best regards,
Dierrepi Consulting