"Kreditanstalt," and "Spar & Darlehenskassse"
US Corporations for Sale!

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Our many clients worldwide have many times expressed their keen interest in our assisting them in order to set-up companies in "liberal" (preferably "offshore") jurisdictions having in their names the words "Kreditanstalt", or "Spar & Darlehenskasse" (which mean "Savings & Loans" everywhere in the world).

Our vast experience in setting-up companies in almost EVERY OFFSHORE JURISDICTION and also our inner knowledge of these matters has guided us to find THE SOLUTION for our numerous clients: We are now able to offer the following companies in the United States of America (in some of the more "liberal" States), with an Authorised Capital of $500 Million.

Companies Currently Available:

Geneva Kreditanstalt Corp.
Austrian Kreditanstalt Corp.
Swiss-American Kreditanstalt Corp.
British Royal Kreditanstalt Corp.

First European Spar & Darlehenskasse, Inc.
Swiss Investments Spar & Darlehenskasse, Inc.
Benelux Spar & Darlehenskasse, Inc.
Geneva Spar & Darlehenskasse, Inc.
Channel Islands Spar & Darlehenskasse, Inc.

Each Corporation Package comes complete with the following:
Certified Certificate of Incorporation by the State
Certified Articles of Incorporation
Records Book
Share Certificates
Corporate Seal
Resident Agent/Registered Office
Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
US Bank Account
Exclusive Phone Line and name listed on the building Directory
Mail/Fax/Phone Forwarding for one year
Listing in local telephone book
DHL delivery to you (free of charge)

Corporate Shell ONLY
If you want to buy this corporate entity WITHOUT a US Address, Personalized Telephone Number, Fax Number, Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) and US Bank A/C, you can buy a Corporate Shell and NOTHING MORE!


What do we need from you?

In order to open your Corporation, please submit the following:
A completed and signed Order Form.

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