"Numbered Account" Secured 
Mastercard / Eurocard Credit Card

This innovative banking product is issued by the same Bank as the regular Mastercard/Eurocard BUT through a generic corporation and therefore you receive a Corporate Card. The Card will show your name and the corporation's name. This has three key benefits:

When using the card and depositing, all transactions are referenced and recorded by the corporate name and NOT yours! You can also tell people to send checks and wire transfers to the corporate name for your account number - a low-cost alternative to buying your own corporation!

You can also send and receive wire transfers over the Internet - again only the corporate name will show.

Notarisation of ID or Signature is required. Our associates can do it for you at an additional cost of $200.

Of course the account is fully secured and segregated so your money is safe.

For the Classic Card, a USD$1.000 refundable security deposit is required. Thereafter, you simply pre-pay whatever you wish to spend. No maximum, no minimum!

What do we need from you?

In order to receive your Numbered Account" Secured Mastercard/Eurocard Credit Card, please submit the following:

On receipt of the necessary forms, return them as indicated.

Thanks and best regards,
Dierrepi Consulting