Offshore Merchant Status

Attention All Offshore Merchants! 

If you run an EXISTING or NEW business and fall into one of the following categories...

Your current bank will NOT provide a Merchant Account for you.
You do not want to use the US banking system.
Your company is NOT registered in the US.
You are NOT an "established trader".
You trade over the Internet.
You DO CARE about invasion of your FINANCIAL PRIVACY. will know HOW DIFFICULT it can be to get a CREDIT CARD MERCHANT STATUS to be able to accepting CREDIT CARD payments from your customers!

There are a number of organisations, all US-based, who will provide applicants with Merchant Status, but however attractive some of these seem initially, there is generally a CATCH: there is a high set-up cost - you must lease expensive card terminals or software - you must have a US company and a US bank A/C - you must have a Federal Tax ID - you must have at least 2 years previous trading history etc., etc...

We will repeat that whilst it is of course possible for a new business to get Merchant Status, it can be very, very expensive!

In conjuction with a Major Northern European Provider, our company is very pleased to offer:


Here is the information on the Merchant Account facility:


Full acceptance of Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners, Discover, Novus, Carte Blanche and JCB
Guaranteed acceptance of ANY business or your money back!
No ID required whatsoever!
No corporate papers required!
Processing in US Dollars, GBP or CHF but based in Europe!
Free anti-fraud Address Verification (USA addresses only!)
Real-time clearance or batch processing - you choose!
Weekly payment by check or Wire Transfer (minimum USD$200) after 21 days
Discount rate of 6% to 10% depending on the turnover!
No minimum or maximum turnover!
No minimum or maximum transaction values!
Available to any corporation (onshore or offshore), also to sole traders/DBAs!
Can be used for Internet processing only!

Our Merchant A/C Provider does NOT accept ADULT BUSINESS!


In conclusion we are in a position to offer you the following options:

Offshore Merchant Status & Offshore Bank Account in Northern Europe (which includes Internet Banking, ATM Debit Card, etc)

Offshore Merchant Status & Offshore Bank Account in Northern Europe (which includes Internet Banking, ATM Debit Card, etc) & a Tax-Free Panamanian Corporation

Thanks and best regards,
Dierrepi Consulting