Pseudo-Anonymous Accounts at a 
Reliable Central American Bank
Here is an excellent opportunity to obtain anonymous bank accounts, credit and debit cards.  We don't expect this window of opportunity to stay open long, so we urge you to act quickly and even open accounts for your associates if you think they might be useful in the future.

In conjunction with a respectable bank in Central America we can now offer the following services:

Personal Current Accounts
Corporate Current Accounts
Visa Credit Cards
International Gold Debit Cards

Any form of ID is acceptable, including International Driving Permits, etc. (but not camouflage passports).  A passport copy is best, but if you do not have a passport you can also use your DL, etc.  

Here's the full info:

1. First of all you receive a current account.  This will be opened in either your personal name as stated on your ID, or your corporate name (in which case you will need to fax or e-mail us copies of your corporate papers).  This account has a minimum opening deposit of $1000 (paid direct to the bank).

2. Then you can choose a separate card account.

EITHER:  International ATM card, minimum deposit $1000 and you automatically have immediate access to that full $1000.

OR:  An International Visa credit card, secured by a Certificate of Deposit of $1000.  You will then have a credit limit of $900 and you must settle your Visa bill each month by transferring from the current account.  Of course, you can increase your credit limit at any time simply by increasing your CD deposit.

So, in total, you will have access to at least $2000

The procedure is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. E-mail or fax the application form.  This is a limited time offer so please reply quickly.  We have the right to reject orders and refund your money at any time.   

2. Within seven days we will get back to you with the full details of the account opened on your behalf, and you must then send the opening deposit direct to the bank by SWIFT wire transfer.  (Money orders, etc. are also accepted subject to clearance delays).

3.  As soon as your deposit has cleared, the bank will send your account confirmation and card to the address you specify.

FAQ on the Pseudo-Anonymous Accounts at a
Reliable Central American Bank

In which country is the bank located?

It is located in a Central American country, not Panama.  In order to avoid unwarranted attention from Big Brother, we cannot reveal the exact jurisdiction except to paid orders.

Can I make and receive SWIFT transfers?

Yes, of course.  This is a full service bank.

Are check books available?

Yes.  US dollar check books with clearing through Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, are available.  However, these will require a much larger deposit (around $15,000).  These accounts are designed for large corporate users and include 100 free checks per month.  This would certainly be of interest if you wanted to set up asn offshore service business such as PT provider, casino or sportsbook operator.

Can I use this account as my main corporate account?

Yes, of course.  This account is particularly recommended for offshore corporations with nominee directors, etc., since these corporations often find it hard to open bank accounts. All we need is a faxed copy of your corporate papers.  In most cases this will suffice to open the account.

Can I have both an ATM and a Visa card?

Yes, that is possible for an extra fee of $800.  So for $1799 you would receive a bank account plus an ATM card plus a Visa card. 

I don't have a corporation, but would like to take advantage of this offer.  Can I reserve a place while I order and form a corporation.  

Sorry, no.  But we can still help you. We can incorporate Panama corporations which include bearer shares and nominee directors, and we can let you have one for just $999 (annual fee after the first year is just $250 - the lowest in the business).  This is a special discount price only if you order the corporation in conjunction with the bank account, but of course you can also use the corporation afterwards for any other purpose you wish.  If you want to take advantage of this, after receipt of your order and confirmed payment we will e-mail you a list of shell corporations so you can choose the name you prefer.