Secured Mastercard / Eurocard Credit Card
@$500 Only!

This is a basic secured credit card account, ideal for those seeking easy access to offshore funds. The advantage of a credit card is that it can be used in ALL merchants and also for mail and telephone transactions, which are NOT possible with Electron or Cirrus cards. Unlike a Debit Card, you have a monthly pre-set spending limit - this is decided based on the security deposit you choose to put up, and can be easily increased in future if you wish!

No Credit Check 
No Employment Check 
Application Form and photostat passport copy need to be notarised / legalised 
World-wide Acceptance 
Cash through ATMs 
Minimum Deposit of $750 
No Limit on Deposit
Card issued from European Bank in Offshore Banking Haven 
Process time is 3-4 Weeks 
Free Current Account with web-based Internet Banking included (free of charge)

The following cards are available:

Classic Mastercard - Minimum Security Deposit USD$750 - USD$500 Credit Limit 

Silver Mastercard - Minimum Security Deposit USD$4.500 - USD$3.000 Credit Limit

Gold Mastercard - Minimum Security Deposit USD$7.500 - USD$5.000 Credit Limit

Our Price is USD$500 Only!

Procedure: On receipt of payment of our fee (USD$500), we will send the Bank's Application Forms which should be signed, notarised/legalised and returned directly to the Bank along with a Security Deposit. Your Card will be issued within a few days and sent by DHL courier at your expense.

(Also available: 
"Numbered Account" Secured Mastercard / Eurocard Credit Card

What do we need from you?

In order to receive your Secured Mastercard/Eurocard Credit Card, please submit the following:
Fee as stated above in favour of: "Dierrepi Consulting."
On receipt of the Banker's Application Form, return it to us as indicted above.

Thanks and best regards,
Dierrepi Consulting