Permanent License Plates for Tax-Free Cars.
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Tax-Free Status is Maintained!

In Europe you get tax-free license plates with your newly bought tax-free car which cause border officials to take a second look. But the biggest problem is that in a very short time period (24 hours up to 6 months maximum) they . . . expire. Of course, you have the choice of reregistering your car in your home country and . . . paying the taxes you have already saved, and in some cases much more. There are cases where you are expected to pay around USD$100.000 (for very expensive cars) in additional taxes only.

We change this "unacceptable" side of tax-free cars by re-registering them overseas where the tax-free status is maintained and does not show up on the plates or papers of the car. And always at a fraction of the cost that you are called to pay in taxes to your fiscal authorities. We can also offer you third party insurance liability for your car at very competitive rates (see our report on those subjects at a cost of USD $120.00.

Driver's Licenses
In addition, we can get legally for you national and international driver's licenses from a variety of countries, which may accommodate your needs, when your original one was stolen, expired, etc.

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