Establish an International Transportation Company

A Very Important Message to All International Transporters

Our company is able to giving a total solution to all those non-EU (European Union) Transportation Companies wishing to establish themselves in the United Kingdom and further to the entire European Union and the rest of the world.

We can assist you in establishing an International Transportation Company based in London, England which can perform world-wide transportation with British-registered and British-licensed vehicles.

1. A Few Words About The Company
The company will be a British limited company with a Registered Office and Business Address in London, England. This company is suitable for transportation, trading and other lawful activities. Furthermore, after the company is established, we place an experienced team of Chartered
Accountants (CPAs) at your disposal who undertake the accounting and financial matters of your company. Thus, we run your office while you are free to run your business and since accountants are employed on a part-time basis your costs for maintaining this company are minimal.

This option is made even more attractive if we consider the corporate tax bracket of twenty percent (20%) on net profits that British-registered companies currently enjoy as well as virtually non-existent bureacracy in addition to political, legal and financial stability of England in general
and the British economy in particular.

2. Outline Of The Proposal
After the company is established we can arrange for all the conditions to be satisfied in order for the trucks to obtain International Operators Licenses. In this way, they can freely perform European as well as world-wide transportations of goods.

This is particularly convenient for Transportation Companies who are primarily based outside of the European Union and can in this way acquire a fully-registered European base from which they can more efficiently operate the European part of their transport operations, and/or use these British-registered and British-licensed vehicles to overcome costly fees, complex customs procedures and prohibitions levied upon non-European vehicles that they may currently own and operate while at the same time they can retain the benefits of low labour costs by continuing to employ their existing drivers on their British-registered trucks and vehicles. Needless to say, the same applies and to European Union-based Transportation Companies that may find beneficial to move their operations in England and out of their present domicile.

3. Conclusion
Throughout this brief analysis we tried to illustrate as clearly as possible the scope and benefits of this proposal. We hope that we have left no grey areas in our presentation and that our proposal will be well received and initiate a long and fruitful co-operation between us.

4. How To Proceed
In case you are interested in our proposal please submit us a duly filled in and signed Application Form and also remit us our $500 consultation fees and we will immediately present you with a full proposal with all procedures, costs involved etc in order to evaluate and proceed accordingly.

What do we need from you?

In order to begin the process, please submit the following:
A completed and signed Application Form.
$500 consultation fee as stated above in favour of: "Dierrepi Consulting."

Thanks and best regards,
Dierrepi Consulting