The Channel Island Report
By Scope International

The Island of Opportunity!

Dr. Hill has discovered a secret paradise. This two square mile island is unquestionably the most unspoilt tax haven in the world. Why? Quite simply, it offers all the facilities of a high-profile center without sacrificing any of the personal and corporate secrecy which are considered necessary.

The island is governed as a feudal state with a parliament of forty property owners. Rules and regulations are practically nonexistent and the constitution is very friendly when it comes to taxation. At last you can truly live a life free from bureaucracy!

Some of the incredible benefits this island has to offer:

No direct or value added taxes
Strict banking secrecy
Political stability
Excellent communications
Easy access to all the major
European capitals

It might be inconvenient for some individuals to make such a major move. Don't worry. You can enjoy this island's tax benefits without actually relocating. All you need is proof of residence. Discover how to secure the necessary documents for as little as £50 a month. Some people have paid up to £375,000 for identical services!

This unique Channel Island offers a whole wealth of opportunities. Live a harmonious tax-free life on an enchanted island or enjoy the tax benefits without actually living there. This Report has all the information to help you decide which option will best suit your needs.

Remember, with the least intrusive government on Earth you can't go wrong!