The Fraud Reports
(New Edition)

Protect Yourself From Swindlers - Learn How They Operate

Here are the master plans used by master swindlers to make millions of dollars every year. The Fraud Reports has the inside stories on how these schemes work, how they are set up, how victims are found, how the money is obtained, and in many cases, how it becomes impossible for the operators to be prosecuted. They never need a job, worry about bills or getting credit.

The Fraud Reports provide detailed analyses of these operations. Once they are exposed for just how simple they are to pull off, you will be able to protect yourself by quickly noticing the key signs that a game is in operation.

Here are just a few swindles you should become aware of:
Operators set up huge bank balances without money, and use the balances to obtain unlimited credit.
They know how to get control of property worth millions - for nothing.
They know how to obtain luxury cars without paying a dime to buy, rent, or lease them.
Other operators get control of legitimate businesses with no money and drain them dry; they walk away without fear of prosecution.

These master plans have never been made public before in such detail. Only when you see how they are put into operation will you be able to become a better observer. Most victims are victimized before they even know they are victims! Learn today how to protect yourself from these truly unscrupulous characters. Tomorrow could be too late...