Permanent Valid License Plates for Tax-Free Cars

Legally Maintain Your Car's Tax-Free Status

In Europe you get tax-free license plates with your newly bought tax-free car which cause border officials to take a second look. But the biggest problem is that in 6 months or one year they... expire. Of course, you have the choice of re-registering the car again in your home country and paying the taxes you have already saved, and in some cases, much more.

We change this "unacceptable" side of tax-free cars by registering your car overseas where the tax-free status is maintained and does not show up on the plates or papers of the car. Please request our special report: "License Plates for Tax-Free Cars" at a cost of USD $120.00.

We may be of service to you in the following way:
Legal re-registration of formerly registered tax-free cars, in Central America, South America, or elsewhere.

Get your new car registration in only a few weeks for a very small amount. The savings for you are enormous. A possible re-registration in your home country might cost you tens of thousands of dollars, plus much more aggravation and time spent.

The Facts:
The car does not have to be taken to the country of the new registration. It can stay in Europe or anywhere in the world. Nor is the physical presence of the car's owner required.
Even expired title or registration papers are acceptable.
The license plates are entirely legal in all countries and issued by competent Motor Vehicle Authorities.
The tax-free status is indefinitely maintained.
No customs duties have to be paid.
No mechanical changes of the motor or other modifications to the car are required.
Registration and road taxes are included in the initial fee.

Overseas registered cars can drive in any European country as long as any foreign registered car without paying duties. This is due to international traffic agreements. Any legally registered car (tax-free or not) can drive in any country if the car documents are valid.

Send us photocopies of your car's documents. We will tell you how we are able to assist.

If you choose to conduct the actual operation through Dierrepi Consulting, we will deduct the amount already paid for this special report out of the final cost of the operation.

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