The Monaco Report
By Scope International

Discover the Truth Behind the Legend!

Find out why Monaco is still the number one choice for millionaires. The country which offers a fun lifestyle as well as the highest levels of banking and corporate secrecy.

Why give away your hard-earned money in taxes to thieving governments? Move to Monaco and say goodbye to income tax! Monaco is the most famous tax haven in the world and wealthy people have been moving there for years. Now you too can discover why.

The Monaco Report is a completely new survey of the country. But it is no ordinary guide. It is the only publication which dares to reveal the information that you want to know. Learn about the amazing personal and corporate advantages on offer. Find out how you can make the most of them and achieve the lifestyle you want.

No direct taxation
There is no income tax or any direct taxation in Monaco. And that's not all. There are no wealth and capital gains taxes on individuals either. This Report takes an uncompromizing look at personal taxation in Monaco and points out all the possible benefits.

Glitter and Vitality
Monaco is a truly remarkable country. It is the only tax haven which is famous throughout the world as a sparkling resort area. It may be only two square kilometers in area but it has all the services and cultural activities of a large city. It's all there! Glamour, international arts festivals and sports competitions, casinos, high fashion, golden beaches, world-famous restaurants.

Why Monaco is the perfect base for your company:
No exchange control
Monegasque companies do not pay withholding tax on dividends or interest
Strict corporate and financial secrecy
Authorities hold little company information on record

Save yourself time and money
Monaco has so much to offer! Everyone wants to enjoy the lifestyle. But not everyone can secure a residence card. The Monaco Report looks closely at the application procedure and shows how you can improve your chances. Don't let yourself be misled by inferior information. You must have the whole story and this is the only publication where you'll find it.

The Monaco Report is masterfully written and designed to spare you many months of painful research. It includes a comprehensive appendix which serves as a quick- reference fact-file and directory. Here you will find details of all the financial and leisure services you might need including banks, stockbrokers, Consultants, lawyers, accountants, hotels, clubs and theaters.

Researchers at Scope International have left no stone unturned. No other book contains this much information about Monaco. Save yourself thousands and perhaps even millions!