The Complete Guide to Offshore Money Havens
by Jerome Schneider

Profit, Privacy, and Total Freedom From Tax Collectors

America's foremost authority on offshore money and banking, Jerome Schneider, has just published this up-to-the-minute guide, filled with valuable offshore strategies, tips and techniques. You will find tremendous profit potential, total freedom from tax collectors, and the ability to do business tax free and in complete privacy from EVERYONE, including your spouse, competitors, partners and others.

You will discover:
Where top offshore money havens are: an A to Z summary.
The 8 economic danger signals that alert you to go offshore.
How to borrow money below U.S. prime rates.
How to stop lawsuits cold by moving assets offshore.
How to use offshore credit cards for privacy and float.
How to open a foreign bank account.
How to reduce or eliminate taxes legally.

You can do all this, and much more, using the advice and techniques found in Offshore Money Havens.